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Translations and interpreters

Translations and interpreters

The basis of our cooperation is the professionalism, reliability, efficiency and stability. Our company offers the following services related to the field of international communication:

  • an oral translation;
  • written translation;
  • interpreter’s accompaniment;
  • translation/interpretation of video and audio media;
  • editing;
  • an interpreter for a project or a full-time employment;
  • notarial certification.

Translation can be performed from any language of the world, including: English, Italian, Hebrew, Chinese, Latin, German, Polish, French, and Japanese languages.

Our interpreters and translations — guarantee of your success

The main difference between cooperation with Concierge Group and certain translator is a multi-level system of translation quality control. The point is that a manager who will accept your order, first of all, will find out all your wishes and subject matter of the ordered text. His/her job is to choose the most appropriate specialist who will accomplish your translation. In addition, a ready translation is cross-checked. At first our literary editor reviews it, and then a text editor, specializing in the subject of the text rereads it. In some cases, or at your request, translations are revised by native speakers. We are interested in your obtaining a product of high quality and your becoming our regular customer.

Written translation

Our company provides all services related to written translation. We can perform any task, no matter what language, size of a text, time frame and subject the client needs. The only thing required is to formulate clearly the task and rely on our manager. We have been working for years to develop and bring to perfection own technology concerning servicing of customers with a variety of demands.

1. Translation of legal, financial and technical texts.

Our translation agency has a lot of highly qualified specialists, involved in specialized translation. As a rule these translators have two diplomas of higher education and knowledge in the field of philosophy. It is not a secret for anyone that it is not enough to graduate only from a linguistic university in order to perform legal, financial and technical translation. Translation of a specialized text in an adequate way is possible only on the condition that a translator is a specialist in a certain field. Most of all our company pays attention to searching of professional translators and partners due to the fact that the major part of our orders are made up of a translation of contracts, agreements, judicial, constituent, accounting and banking documents. In the course of development of technical translation our experts most of all devote attention to such spheres as oil and gas industry, medicine, construction, advanced technology, pharmaceutics, mechanical engineering.

2. Literary and translations of advertisements.

If you need a translation of fiction, advertising or publicity materials, our translation agency will recommend you and provide a translation by a native speaker. Due to this fact an author’s style will be preserved and the text will be adapted to the target audience. Our translators will not only help you express yourselves but also be adequately understood by non-native readers.

Oral translation

After the beginning of the modern globalization of business, oral translation has become the most popular and also the most difficult translation service. That is why only professionals can cope with this task. Therefore, interpreters are becoming more significant. It is your interpreter who will be taken by your foreign partner as the main source of information. During the selection of an interpreter, you choose the principal participant of the event. That’s why such an interpreter should have a good command of a language, nice appearance, enhanced communication skills, as well as to know the peculiarity of your business. Nowadays when every average person knows foreign language only true professionals are engaged into international business communication . There are several types of oral translation:

1. Consecutive interpretation.

Consecutive interpretation can be regarded as the form of interpreting with the discourse being interpreted into the desired language as soon as the speaker has concluded, or at the end of passages within the speech, i.e. consecutively. This type of interpreting is just the perfect choice for business meetings and negotiations with foreign partners, as well as for exhibitions, presentations, meetings, seminars and other public events.

2. Simultaneous interpretation.

In this kind of interpretation the interpreter renders the message in the target-language as quickly as he or she can formulate it from the source language, while the source-language speaker continuously speaks This demanding, highly-skilled craft is used for industry conferences, sales meetings, international seminars and training seminars, governmental meetings, legal settings and trade shows, among many other instances. . Our agency can provide you with first-class interpreters and all the necessary equipment.

3. Interpreter’s escort.

This includes several types of translation services. Among them should be mentioned foreign delegations accompanying, provision of guides- interpreters, participation of a professional interpreter in your tourist trips.

Round-the-clock urgent translations

The main objective of our company on the Ukrainian translation services market is round-the-clock translation. No matter who you are — dynamic business development representative or just a person who has faced with the need for very urgent translation — our staff will do their best for you becoming our regular customer.

How to order a translation?

It is very easy to order a translation at our agency. You just need to send the details of your order to our e-mail. Write your desires concerning the translation and enclose the text. In 20-25 minutes, you will receive a response with the translation price at current rates. There will also be the price for urgent and quick translation. There will also be marked with the price of fixed-term and accelerated transfers. Upon confirmation of your order and its payment at any convenient method, we will e-mail you a ready translation.


The prices of our company were established in such a way that price and quality were related. . Our marketing specialists carefully monitor everything that happens on the translation market in Kiev. Our goal is to offer you the best possible terms, and to engage professional, often expensive, translators and interpreters . Due to good turnover, our translation services are 10-20 percent lower than the average. Concerning current economic situation such a strategy is particularly relevant . We try our best to make your cooperation with us the most promising and rationalized.

You need only to order, everything else we will do ourselves!


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