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Shooting tours in Kiev
Shooting tours in Kiev

Your foreign guests have definitely dreamt to do some shooting all life from the real Kalashnikov and other types of weapon. Don’t miss this chance. Order for them the shooting tour in Kiev and go together with them. You’ll get great pleasure, shooting from submachine-guns, a machine gun and guns on a shooting range in Kiev.

The active program of shooting tours which immerses adult serious people into the incredible military adventure.

Plunge into the world of fighting tasks where there will be the opportunity to prove your efficiency in achievement of your goals not with the help of words but with actions.

Concierge Group offers you to get an unforgettable experience of extreme pastime on the military open-air base. Firing from different types of weapon, driving the tank around the range, firing from the tank on targets – all this is for the real progressive and united team.

After such powerful emission of adrenaline the real soldiers field-kitchen will be offered to you.

Easy to order!

Firing from the weapon

Firing from the combat weapon is the best rest for men and brave women! For those who has never held the gun or other weapon before there they’ll get the strong and unforgettable impressions which can’t be received anywhere else. If you have already had to deal with the weapon before, it is magnificent chance to improve your skills.

Driving military equipment

There isn’t a single museum where you will be able to feel what the real military working equipment is, or where you’ ll be able to hear a motor roar, feel the smell of the cabin and operate the real combat vehicle. Only on these military tours in Kiev you’ll get a unique opportunity to feel all these delights, to feel the real power of military equipment.

All instructors are the former soldiers

Here you can hold the business meetings, office parties, to prepare for the hunting season or simply to have a rest with a family. There is always a wide choice of ammunition available both the weapon for beginners and profficient shooters. The instructors will train all willing shooting tricks, even children can do some shooting from different types of weapon. In this territory there are 10 platforms. For firing on flying targets from the smooth-bore weapon it is offered: 2 trench stands, 2 sportings and 2 circular stands. For the cut weapon there is: 2 caponiers, shooting gallery (covered).

Concierge Group shooting tours are most varied in Kiev

During shooting or military tours you can find specially equipped stands for firing from bows/arbalest and a platform for paint-ball. In summertime you can ride horses and armoured machinery, in winter — on sledge. After firing you can sit at a cosy restaurant, order dishes of the Ukrainian home cuisine, and take a steam bath in real «the Russian bath» on firewood.

Our shooting and military tours in Kiev are intended for carrying out corporate programs, for foreign tourists, and also for those who has dreamt to feel taste of adrenaline, to do a bit of travelling on tanks, to do some shooting and try the real army kitchen.


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