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One of our favourite clients asked for help in search of an exclusive handbag by «Hermes». In the same evening she selected shoes in tone of her new handbag which we carefully delivered to the specified address.
The client addressed to us with an unusual request to find brand of the wall-paper according to the photo of his his idol’s drawing room. Having made some calls we helped to find the desired part of the decor and the nearest salon in Kiev which sells wall-paper of the mysterious brand.
When the client called to us with a request to get the ticket for Madonna’s concert, nothing foretold trouble. If the concert didn’t begin in three hours. But we undertook this difficult task with enthusiasm and within one hour prior to the concert brought the best tickets.
One of our clients faced bad faith of the carriers who forgot while moving from Kiev to Kherson such a «trifle» as the washing machine. Only our cooperation with the approved transportation organizations and delivery services helped us to reunite the happy hostess and machine-the traveler.
We were asked to find the translator in Japan in 10 minutes prior to an important business meeting. In 7 minutes and five calls we picked up the translator for the client who was exactly near the right place.
Raj Vardhan
I want to thank you so much for helping me with walking my dog, Jimmy. Didn’t know that in Ukraine you have such services. Now I’m pretty sure that I can quietly play tennis, while Jimmy is walking! Thank you!
Lantdolt Johann
I don’t know how I might do a magnificent surprise for my wife on wedding anniversary, without your help, guys. ‘Cause we came to you from Israel:) (Special thanks for the delivery of flowers and unforgettable balloon flight;) Now I will recommend you to my friends!
Aizner Roni
Amazing, but you’ve helped me from Ukraine better, than others from Sydney. Thanks for renting a car for me, Rolls was gorgeous!
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Concierge Group is a unique assistance center. We provide high quality services of lifestyle management and concierge service in Kiev, Ukraine and worldwide. What are concierge services and lifestyle management?

There is no exact term to define the concept of concierge service. Each specialist is trying to explain this meaning to potential customers in his/her own way, as well as to explain all the advantages of transferring of the lifestyle management to so-called ‘outsourcing’ services. Some of them describe the concierge service as a kind of professional assistance with extensive insight. It is necessary to keep in mind that ‘concierge service’ doesn’t cure the sick; it just provides their clients with an experienced doctor. That is to say, the «concierge service in Kiev, Ukraine and worldwide» — is something like a large phone book, where you can find many useful contacts, in other words it is the assistance center in Kiev, Ukraine and worldwide.

Lifestyle management is private all-inclusive services, which aims at organizing various processes in many spheres: holidays, entertainment, health, household, travelling. It can be a certain help in proper free time organization based on customer’s preferences, as well as services in finding the best school for children or purchasing real estate in any country of the world. Lifestyle management in Kiev, Ukraine also runs various person’s affairs, i.e. «a concierge service in Kiev, Ukraine and worldwide» or «a assistance center in Kiev, Ukraine and worldwide» is an intermediary, who can provide the customer with the contacts of reliable business partners and can answer such questions as: what is the best restaurant in Kiev today, where you can buy a yacht with a discount, what is the leading color in the latest ‘Chanel’ collection, why it is impossible to go to the Seychelles in winter.

Choose sides that you really need and save your precious time by contacting us. Be sure that we will always provide you with the best assistance, regardless of what you will need. Nobody else knows Kiev and Ukraine better than us! The Concierge Group, will satisfy all your needs, regardless of their complexity. All our customers are treated like real VIPs. All your positive impressions and good feedback about our service are very important for us. No matter what kind of help you need, we are always with you! It can be informational support, assistance in organization of one or of a wide range of services, organization of entertaining or leisure time worldwide. Do you need kind advice concerning hotels, restaurants and night clubs? Contact us at any time convenient for you. You can find more details concerning our standard list of services by visiting our website. Here you will find the latest information, dial-a-taxi,car for rent or airplane for lease, hotel or hostel reservation, apartments for rent for any period of time, organization of different entertaining tours, tickets booking, table reservation at any time in any restaurant and night club of Kiev and many-many other things.

If you have not found yet something you need in our service’list and you still have issue due to be resolved, please do not hesitate to contact us! A list of our services is constantly expanding. The Concierge Group is a unique assistance center for everyone! There is nothing impossible for us in Kiev because nobody knows it better than us! We can help you and give a piece of advice for your any inquiry! And we love our clients very much! Please be free to contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year and you will receive all necessary support, information and any kind of help in Kiev, Ukraine and worldwide. Contact us by phone, via e-mail or Skype. We will help you and answer all your inquiries and questions with great pleasure! We are at your service, even if you want a pie in the sky.

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