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Weekends in Kiev


Perhaps, every person faces the question of where and how can he/she spend days off, and, as a rule, it happens closer to the weekends when there is practically no time for the organization of desirable cultural leisure. Naturally, capital inhabitants, and also inhabitants from other big cities, bring up this issue the most frequently. By contrast with those who live in regions or in small towns and who can absolutely easily resolve this issue and spend their days off in Kiev, taking a walk around the museums and simply along the streets, or by ordering a special excursion program. But for those who daily hastes and runs on business around the city, it won’t be especially interesting to do the same in a free day from their work. For this reason they decide to spend these days not in the city and as for example, to leave and to have a rest during week-end near Kiev, and again from Monday through Friday to champ at the bit. The problem is particularly acute for families with children or for those workaholics who take the air on rare occasions, spending the whole days at the office or in transport. About where you can spend your days off in Kiev or outside, we will tell you in the following paragraphs.

Where to have a rest in Kiev?

Each of us thinks the concept and process of rest in different ways. For someone it is a trip to the suburb, for nature, fresh air and silence, someone gives preference to visit cafes, bars, restaurants or cinemas. Among all these absolutely different types of pastime, the separate place is occupied by couples or by families with children. Therefore, the organization of leisure and days off with children will be considered separately, and now we will talk about rest within the city, about public facilities which can be visited in Kiev.

So, here are restaurants. Different by their social status, interests and preferences, people choose absolutely different food outlets according to their cuisine, culture and decor. We can offer you the organization of your leisure, pleasant pastime at restaurants of various status and price category. For example, for fans of ethnic Ukrainian cuisine, and also for judges of our country culture flavor, it will be pleasant to visit such restaurants as «Shchekavitsa», «Shinok», «Za dvumya zaitsami» and to observe national traditions, you will be indulged with nourishing dishes and will be allowed to be experienced in good nature atmosphere. For those who give preference to Italian cuisine, «Da Vince Fish Club» or «Under Wonder» or «Sinatra Place» karaoke restaurant will strike your fancy. If you like to indulge yourself with exotic dishes from the different countries of the world, there will be also an ideal place in Kiev where you can go on your days off. For example, at “Karavan” restaurant you can try oriental dishes, in «Monaco» you can regale with Mediterranean and French dishes, «Tike» will offer you Turkish cuisine, and in such interesting place as «H.O.P.» you’ll try unexpected variations of a gourmet cuisine.

For those not enough to have a dinner in a pleasant atmosphere, it is also possible to visit facilities with erotic features, in other words a striptease clubs. For example, to relax in the intimate and comfort atmosphere, you are welcome to visit night boutique “B.Lounge club” or cabaret «Paradise», where you’ll be able to watch an unforgettable entertainment and enjoy the show-program. Well, for fans of dancing it is essential to go to one of the most popular night clubs of our capital, to lounge bars or to open-air dance floors, which are so popular in summer heat. In such entertainment complexes, globally renowned DJs will let you dance enough, have a good time and will not allow you to feel bored in everyday life.

Cultural centers of our capital or where to go on days off in Kiev?

Year over year millions of tourists from across the country and also from around the world come to the capital of Ukraine for special tours. In most cases they visit numerous museums, cultural and historical monuments, significant places. But in our days not every resident of Kiev has visited for one of the places attended by tourists. Very often in our Kiev “a-go-go pace of living” we forget about how many interesting and memorable places there are in our city. Therefore, it is a time to stake out one day for simply street walking around the city, to visit the nearest museum, theater and gallery and to examine our cultural heritage, to remember history and to estimate creativity of modern authors. So, in order to spend days off in Kiev usefully, we will tell you where to go in Kiev.

The choice of places for amusing our cultural leisure with quality time has a large variety: these are more than thirty museums and theaters, the cultural centers and art exhibitions – a choice for every taste. For fans of history it will be interesting and informative to visit the Museum of History of Ukraine, the Great Patriotic War Museum, to make an excursion-lifting on the Mother-Motherland. Visiting the Museum of the Ukrainian Art, the Museum of the Western and Eastern Art or one of the popular exhibitions will please creative persons. “Where are these exhibitions and how to get there?” The questions you asking us, and we’ll answer. The most popular places for art exhibitions, for shows, embracing some of the most renowned Ukrainian and world masters and sculptors, are: «Mystetsky Arsenal», «Ya-gallery», «the Karas Gallery» and, of course, «Pinchuk Art Centre». Where the most well-known exhibition centers are geographically located and what do they currently represent and how to get tickets in order to visit them — all of this you can learn from us, and also you can order the organization of cultural activities, making yourself free from the organizational unnecessary details and from wasting your precious time on trifles.

If you prefer to “spruce about”, there is an excellent chance to visit one of the capital theaters. To spend days off in Kiev by visiting theater, it means to get pleasure from the gorgeous architecture, to admire the atmosphere of a height and great mood, and also to watch an interesting performance, ballet or opera. The fans of theatrical performances should visit “National academic theater of the Russian drama” named Lesya Ukrainka or “National academic drama theater” named Ivan Franko. To get pleasure from classic music you should visit “National philharmonic hall of Ukraine” or “The National house of organ and chamber music of Ukraine”.

And please entrust us all your cares related to booking and tickets reservation in all theaters, museums and exhibitions centers of Kiev. At this particular time, you’ll be preparing for the rest, inspiring and anticipating unforgettable cultural pastime.

Where to go for the weekend out of Kiev or to rest outside the city?

If you don’t want to stay in the city during weekend, why don’t you spend them outside the city limits? You really don’t know where to go for the weekend out of Kiev? Then we will offer you some of the most interesting options for pastime outside the capital. Military tourism or so-called military (military) tours are the outside activities in military operations style. Such type of rest will be perfectly suitable for active people, who love history and historical places. It may be a paintball, driving on military vehicles, visiting of famous places of historical and cultural heritage of Ukraine. For people who prefer cultural and, in some way, educative rest, it will be interesting to have a tour to the museum of Pirogovo. Slow walks on the most beautiful district will help to restore vital forces, to relax, to have rest and to be disconnected from daily cares and problems. Such type of rest in the purest preserved area will be also interesting for married couples with children for general intelligence.

In our company, you can order the organization of your rest outside Kiev city limits, get tickets to Pirogovo on special and low tariffs or participate in the interesting and well organized military tourism.

Where to go with children in Kiev or family rest?

Family recreation is not a simple rest; it is a pastime in a well-organized manner. It also concerns the rest at the weekend near Kiev, trips to Pirogovo museum or walk across Dnieper, as well as excursions in the city. And this is because children don’t have yet clearly defined their interests and preferences, and any place, scheduled for visit with the child, must be interesting for child. The best decision is to teach child from an early age to art, to cultivate in children love of the beautiful, and therefore, it will be interesting and useful for child to visit any of the museums which concern history, culture, art. But you shouldn’t choose “adult” and serious museums; it should be one where, first of all, the information will be clear and stated in layman’s terms. For this purpose, before being defined, where to go with children in Kiev, it is essential to examine information in greater detail, to understand the way of information providing in this or that cultural institution, to estimate its complexity for perception by visiting yourself or by reading museums websites.

In this article we told you how to spend your days off in Kiev and outside. But how to organize your rest, you can learn more with a simple telephone call and by ordering its organization.

Concierge Group will take care of all the arrangements for you and your families, taking into account all of your wishes and preferences, and screening you from hardships related to nerves and time, we will make everything for you!

Please call us or write on our website and we will definitely contact you!


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