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Annex No.1 to the Services Agreement (Public Offer)

Rules of rendering services

Unconditionally accepting the  terms of the Services Agreement (Public Offer)  (hereinafter – the Agreement) the private person (hereinafter – the Client) and the Privately Owned Enterprise «Concierge Group» (hereinafter — the Contractor) undertake to carry out these Rules of rendering services (hereinafter – the Rules). These Rules extend on all orders for the services according to the Agreement.

1. Basic rules of the rendering services

1.1. All data of the Client provided to the Contractor can be checked regarding their reliability.

1.2. Agreeing with these Rules, the Client promises to provide to the Contractor only true information, reliable contact information and other data necessary for the rendering services by the Contractor within the entire period of validity.

1.3. In case of the detection of the unauthenticity information provided by the Client, the Contractor reserves the right to refuse to render the services.

1.4. The Services provided by the Contractor are personal and extend only on the Client, except  the cases when the Client orders the Contractor to render the services for the third parties benefit. Nobody else can use the services and privileges of the Contractor on behalf of the Client.

2. Rules of the services order and rendering

2.1. The Client can order  the services by means of the telephone and fax connection, and also via e-mail.

2.2. The Contractor provides services from the list which is stipulated in the Article 4 hereof and  other services previously approved by the Parties.

2.3. The Contractor in course of execution of the Customer’s orders shall act according to the current legislation of Ukraine, regulations of morals and ethical rules, as well as according to the Agreement and these Rules. The Contractor reserves the right to refuse to provide the service if this service is illegal and\or don’t correspond  to the regulations of morals and ethical rules.

2.4. If the Contractor isn’t able to execute any of the Client’s orders for the reasons which aren’t depending on the Contractor, the Contractor is obliged to notify the Client about it. The Contractor is obliged to do his best to fulfil the Client’s order as soon as the reasons will be eliminated and there will be such opportunity.

2.5. If the Client refuses from the services, he is obliged to compensate to the Contractor all the expenses connected with the preparation for the service rendering.

3. Services

3.1. The services that are rendering by the Contractor are the services of the personal assistant who will 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, in any part of the world will be ready to execute the urgent order of the Client, to provide full information on the Client’s request and to render services according to his order.

4. List of the services

4.1. Rest and entertainment:

4.1.1. Recommendations about the rest planning;

4.1.2. Offers on the organization of all holidays, including birthdays;

4.1.3. Booking for concerts and entertaining events;

4.1.4. Acquaintance with the night clubs programs;

4.1.5. Providing of the any entertaining event schedule;

4.1.6. Covering of any world event results, including sports;

4.1.7. Taxi, driver order

4.1.8. Lease of vehicles, including road, water and air passenger transport;

4.1.9. Motor transport lease worldwide;

4.1.10. Order of places in entertainment complexes and restaurants;

4.1.11. Order of food (pizza, sushi, drinking water and others).

4.2. Travelling:

4.2.1. Booking and delivery of the avian and railway tickets;

4.2.2. Providing of the information about the schedule of the aircraft transport, railway transport, road transport;

4.2.3. Room order and reservation in the world hotels;

4.2.4. Recommendations about travelling;

4.2.5. Organization of transfers;

4.2.6. Order of the guide services;

4.2.7. Planning of the travelling route worldwide.

4.3. Care of family and personal space:

4.3.1. Recommendations about the house personnel selection;

4.3.2. Help in the selection of the educational institutions (kindergarten, school, etc.);

4.3.3. Tutor selection in any sphere of knowledge;

4.3.4. Medical preparations order and delivery;

4.3.5. Order of the maintenance service and family protection;

4.3.6. Order and delivery of tickets, gifts, goods;

4.3.7. Search of any rare things;

4.3.8. Services of the personal shopper;

4.3.9. Recipes of the cuisine of all world countries;

4.3.10. Services of photographers, designers, consultants;

4.3.11. Life insurance and health registrations;

4.3.12. Registration of insurance of water and air passenger transport.

4.4. Motor transportation services:

4.4.1. Selection of the motor shows, maintenance stations, car parks;

4.4.2 . Information of MREO (Inter-District Registration Examination Department of the Directorate of Internal Affairs), GAI (State Motor Vehicle Inspectorate);

4.4.3. Services of the 24 hours navigator on roads;

4.4.4. Calling of the wrecker and services of technical assistance;

4.4.5. Information concerning gas station placement across Ukraine;

4.4.6. Emergency delivery of gasoline, diesel fuel.

4.5.  Beauty and health care:

4.5.1. Information on hospitals, polyclinics, wellness centers;

4.5.2. Selecting of sports and fitness centers;

4.5.3. Signing up in beauty shops and SPA salons;

4.5.4. Order of sauna, bath and sunbed;

4.5.5. Order of cosmetology services on house;

4.5.6. Consultations of the nutritionist;

4.5.7. Selecting of the personal trainer and program.

4.6. Services for business:

4.6.1. Recommendations about planning of business travels;

4.6.2. Access to VIP-halls of the airports;

4.6.3. Baggage search at the international airports;

4.6.4. Selecting of the conference rooms;

4.6.5. Information concerning the currency rate, arrangements of ATMs, banks;

4.6.6. Escort of the personal assistant, guide-interpreter;

4.6.7. Information business reference;

4.6.8. Information on the telephone country codes;

4.6.9. Weather in all parts of the world.

4.7. Wine service:

4.7.1. Delivery of cult wines of the world on assortment;

4.7.2. Consultations of the professional sommelier;

4.7.3. Services in forming of the wine collections;

4.7.4. Search of rare wines;

4.7.5. Travelling to wine-making regions.

4.8. The house care:

4.8.1. Cleaning services;

4.8.2. Dry-cleaner and other household services;

4.8.3. Office equipment repair;

4.8.4. Emergency locks opening;

4.8.5. Services of florists, landscape designers and gardeners.

4.9. Providing of the information on addresses and phones of organizations and companies that you need.

4.10. Providing of other information of adjuvant and encyclopedic nature.

4.11. Any other service should be rendered to the Customer if such possibility was previously agreed between by the Parties.

5. Conditions of the services providing

5.1. Any services provided by the Contractor to the Client, appear to be performed according to the rules, conditions and provisions of the Suppliers. The Contractor renders exclusively information, advisory and intermediary services, however without being the producer or the seller of the goods or services (except for stipulated above).

5.2. All rights for the service quality and protection of the rights are performed according to the Law of Ukraine «About the protection of the consumers’ rights». Relevant requirements and claims shall be addressed directly to the service and goods Supplier.

5.3. The Contractor tries to receive for the Client the best places tickets for visiting any events, by the addressing directly to the event’s organizers or to the tickets Supplier. The cost of the tickets booked by the Client can be above the nominal value in case when tickets aren’t available at official organizers or Suppliers. After purchasing tickets by the Client the cost recovery and the tickets return aren’t possible if other isn’t provided by the rules, conditions and provisions of the Suppliers.

5.4. In case of the event cancellation directly by the actor/agent, the Contractor guarantees only return of the tickets nominal value is guaranteedor replacement such tickets to tickets for similar event. The money paid for the tickets delivery doesn’t return. As a rule, the Contractor or the Supplier of the tickets send tickets via mail and delivery service. This service assumes responsibility and liabilities for the tickets delivery to the Client. The Contractor and the Supplier of tickets don’t bear the responsibility if the mail and delivery service didn’t deliver you tickets in time. The Contractor or the Supplier of tickets reserve the right to provide tickets for places of the class above without additional payment, or to provide tickets for the places one class lower (in case of partial money compensation), or to refuse order fulfillment with a full costs refund.

5.5 The Contractor provides services under the condition that the Client has paid for them if other isn’t approved by the Parties.

5.6 To access to the services of Concierge Group, the Client must disposable pay one of the service packages (the subscription), which are posted on the Contractor’s website. Afterwards money will not be returned and will not be included to the costs of other services.

6. Conditions of the rendering services purchased through the Supplier’s site

6.1. In case of the ordered goods or service absence the Suppliers can suggest the Client to replace the goods with similar ones, however the Client can refuse from the replacement and get the refund.

6.2. The description of goods and services which is provided to the Client is affirmed by the Supplier. The Contractor doesn’t bear the responsibility for the goods or services description provided by the Supplier. Goods can differ a little from the provided photos, however the Contractor takes all measures in order to make those descriptions of goods look the most precisely.

6.3. At purchasing of any goods and services payment shall be made previously if the Parties don’t agree otherwise.

7. Goods and services quality, and  their return to the Supplier

7.1. Goods quality, and also rules of their return depend only on the rules, conditions and provisions of the Supplier and are performed according to the current legislation of Ukraine.

8. Modification of Rules

8.1. Periodically the Contractor can introduce amendments into the Rules by means of publications of such amendments on the Contractor’s webpage at the address https://conciergegroup.org.

8.2. Further use of the Contractor’s services means unconditional acceptance of such amendments in Rules by the Client.


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