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The company has a big access to planes of the Kiev fleet if you contact our experts, the staff of the company in short terms will pick necessary transport up for you. Being in Kiev, use services of the order of a charter flight . Our company will organize everything – from the transfer to the airport by Bentley, Maybach or Rolls-Royce, to food from chefs on board.

What is the charter flight?

Everybody knows that air flight is the most comfortable and the fastest way of movement between the cities, countries, continents which is used at travel, at the organization of business meetings. But it is rather frequent, at a choice a tour for rest, or at the necessity of urgent flight to work, the necessary plane ticket can simply be not available in the airport cash desk. Then, most often, both people, and the staff of the airports resort to charter flights. It is easy to book a charter flight in Ukraine with the help of travel agencies, but it doesn’t guarantee providing the services of vip fly and has a set of formalities.

The VIP charter flight – is not constant flight standing in the schedule. It, so-called «single» flight which can be used either according to the necessity of airlines or by the individual order (travel agencies, the organizations, groups of people, businessmen and other individuals). It is rather convenient way to get the destination as charter flights are the flights without changes, idle time, delays and expectation. That plays one of the crucial roles, when time presses.

There is an opinion that it is much more favorably to book a charter flight, than to fly by regular plane. And all because airlines focus attention of the potential buyer that there are no such things as class differentiation (business charter , economy charter or VIP charter) in charter flights, and all commuters will be in the equal conditions for the identical price. But it should be noted that it is not absolutely exact information. It is information for people who book one-two tickets for a charter flight, for instance in travel agency, going for rest, taking into account that other commuters will be on board besides them. If they order VIP charter, the number of commuters, level of services can vary according to your wishes and requirements (You can be with a family, with partners, without strangers that means aircraft leasing).

For instance, if you need to reach to other city or the country on an important business meeting immediately, without delays, it is possible to organize an urgent flight having asked Concierge Group for help. We will organize for you a charter flight. And «class» of the plane, service and conditions can be a miscellaneous: urgent flight, VIP flight, group flight, individual flight. You can book charter to Kiev, Kharkov, Donetsk, Odessa, Moscow, London and other cities.

What is the VIP charter?

Most often, big companies, and also individuals, for convenience and speed of flight to meetings, office parties and conferences use business charters. Having booked such charter, you, and also your employees or partners, will be able to reach necessary part of the country, world, accurately in time, without changes, stopovers and with all conveniences, and also without «extra» people, listeners. Thus during flight you will have an opportunity, both to have a rest, and to discuss important questions, to look through the documents or to prepare for the meeting. At all this, it can be planned, booked or reserved beforehand, and also an urgent flight.

There is one more advantage which you can use, having booked charter flight (besides the speed, comfort and efficiency) – one and the same plane which delivers you to a meeting, can also deliver you back. Carrying out the «taxi avia» functions, booked a charter flight in Ukraine (or other cities) having executed flight in any point of the world, it can «wait» for you there, and in the same way make flight back, to the city from which it was booked. Or to make some flights between different countries or cities, depending on your requirements.

To order a VIP charter, you can address to our company and Concierge Group will assume all the necessary processes and operations connected with such service, as aircraft leasing , the departure organization, booking and other organizational questions. That will allow you to save your time significantly and nerve cells, to deal with issues of your business while business charter will be at your disposal.

In other words, having ooked the vip fly in our company you will get pleasure from:

  • Flying by the plane chosen by you personally!
  • Departure from the airport chosen by you;
  • Landing on the aviation terminal for the VIP officials and delegations;
  • Order drinks and dishes on every taste.

VIP aircraft rent provide you the following services:

  • There is no dependence on the schedule;
  • There is no need to stand in queues on passport control and registration;
  • There is no probability of baggage loss.

The company cooperates with a variety of airlines that allows to carry out orders for departure quickly. To calculate the cost of an avia flight, having taken as a basis basic data (a type of an aircraft, a route, food type on board, airport of departure) and it is possible to receive information about flights on our phone numbers and addresses.

Where and how to book book charter in Kiev?

If you need to book a charter to Kiev, in the fastest and the easiest way will be to use our services! The Concierge Group company provides services in the order, booking of various types of services. We will help you to book a charter flight in Ukraine, in the shortest terms, for flights in any part of the country, continent, world, without burdening you with formalities and organizational moments.

To order a VIP charter, you need to call us or to write on mail, having specified order details (charter flights to Kiev, Moscow, London or other cities where flight is made). We will organize everything quickly, qualitatively and reliably! Because it is private and business aircraft.

All under one umbrella: safety, high quality service and comfort. To order a private plane is very simple – choose model and flight and contact our managers! Flights without stopovers from any CIS country and in the opposite direction, and also in all points of the South and North America.

We accept orders 24/7. The plane is ready to take off, in some hours after your address. We save your time!


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