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Corporate service

Individual assistance in resolving of issues of varying complexity for customers and employees.

For your employees

Very often, everyday domestic problems and unsolved matters of a personal nature hamper many people to focus on solving of critical business issues. Concierge service from Concierge Group is your perfect opportunity to escape from everyday problems and to focus all your efforts to achieve business purposes.

For your customers

Additional concierge service from Concierge Group will attract for sure more customers to your company, as well as generally increase interest in it.


Concierge Group is an opportunity for the company to improve its operational efficiency and so-called trial balance. It’s not a big secret that the staff of the big companies virtually doesn’t have time for private life. And what to say about the life of organization! Settlement of accounts, search for relevant information on the Internet, accomplishment of small orders outside office and many other things all these things strongly complicate their life and often draw their attention away from work.

That’s why many companies solve this problem in the following way: their employees under certain conditions can apply to the concierge company, trusting it with the implementation of all the above-mentioned.

But the most important skills in our work are patience and readiness to come to help 24/7/365. And it is not the issue whether you urgently need to book a flight there is or merely want to specify a weather forecast. No gratitude is expected. Just Service with a smile is due to be provided.


As of today, more and more banks are using a concierge service, which has become a corporate part of every inhabitant’s life in the megacity. Instead of going the way of American Express and creating cumbersome departments for servicing VIP clients, they choose simple and accessible method: outsourcing lifestyle services.

The Agreement, competently drawn up by legal professionals, protects all the banks, working with us, from any data leakage. In case of failure of our warranties concerning confidentiality, we undertake to compensate you substantial damages, though there were never precedents before.

Service charge for one client via 24/7 available call-center costs from 2 dollars per month, with an unlimited numbers of phone calls. VIP-Clients are provided with the personal assistant for our expense.


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