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Medical Concierge
Medical Concierge

Everybody knows that the most important thing in our life is health. You can’t buy it, and can’t find it, you can only take care of it and keep maintain it on the proper level. That’s why, it is important to pay due attention and to be careful of your health, of your organism, to pass regularly health screening and if necessary, to obtain in due time qualitative medical care.

The service named «Medical Concierge» is the opportunity to receive qualitative medical care, counseling, diagnosis and treatment, carried out by the best specialists, in best clinics around the world, with substantial savings in time and of your neuronal cells. Our company provides a full range for the organization of health services, both for individuals and legal entities; organizes family and corporate medical support, as for you personally and as well as for your employees.

Do you have health problems? You cannot get an appointment with the required specialist? You don’t know where you can get consultation and be screened? Call us now! We will help you to solve any of your problems at the earliest possible time!

Medical Concierge

What do we offer?

  • Service named «Family doctor». There are at your service: outpatient polyclinic assistance, pediatrician, and the doctors at on a call-out basis;
  • The organization of all kinds of diagnostics, rehabilitation, medical check in specialized medical institutions;
  • Inpatient treatment;
  • High-quality emergency medical care;
  • Medical supplies (delivery, search and consulting on medication intake);
  • Aerial transportation of patients, both in the country and beyond its borders, by special transport and accompanied by the subject matter expert.

We undertake all organizational issues, associated with the provided medical services in order to make you be able to obtain the necessary medical care as quickly as possible and without emotional and time losses. With us, you will not have to stand in line, to look for the right specialist, to wait your turn in order to be at a doctor’s and to worry about the qualifications of the doctor, we work only and exclusively with the best specialists!

Medical Concierge

Our «Medical Concierge» advantages are:

  • Consulting experts are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week;
  • Your opportunity to receive medical treatment or diagnosis in the best medical institutions around the world;
  • Consultations and examination, carried out by the subject matter doctors (even by single-discipline specialists);
  • Wide choice of plastic surgery clinics and aesthetic cosmetology;
  • Family, corporate, one-shot consultation, the opportunity for long-term cooperation;
  • High speed of experts and clinics selection, quick organization in order to be at a doctor’s and thus you can obtain necessary treatment.

In order to apply for «Medical Concierge» — please call us at the phone numbers on our website or kindly use the form on the website to place your request for necessary service.

Medical Concierge welcomes you! Take care of yourself and your loved ones!

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