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Gastronomic Concierge

From year to year, gastronomic tourism is becoming more and more popular form of recreation. There are a large number of tourist programs that introduce a variety of culinary traditions from different countries of the world. Today we tell you about the best culinary routes in Europe and Ukraine, and certainly, about possibilities to deliver delicacies.

Gastronomic Concierge

Gastronomic tours in Europe

The most popular destinations among connoisseurs of European kitchen are France, Italy and Switzerland, and each of these countries can surprise you with its unique flavor.

France is the place worth to be visited by real gourmets — here you can find the largest number of Michelin restaurants. Another pride of France is its wine; you are welcome to visit the wine cellars, located along the South channel. This is mandatory item in the gastronomic program. If you ever be in France in autumn then you surely must go to Provence — at this time they carry out here hunting for truffles.

Italy is famous primarily for its pasta, which has about 300 species; in order to feel the real taste of Italian dishes you should go to Florence – it is here the majority restaurants of the national kitchen is located. Italian cuisine is very simple in its basis, that’s why many restaurants here often hold various master classes, where you can learn how to cook basic Italian dishes. One more reason to visit Italy is the freshest seafood, which you can enjoy in one of the cozy embankments restaurants.

If you can’t live without sweet than Switzerland is a country for you. Numerous of shops and stalls offer you to taste chocolate with unbelievable stuffing: green tea, basil, dill or mint. Also Switzerland is famous by its unique restaurant molecular cuisine, exquisite dishes which don’t look like what you tried before.

Gastronomic Concierge

Gastronomic restaurants in Ukraine

On the gastronomic map of Ukraine special mention should go to three main points: Lviv, Odessa and Zakarpattya.

Visiting Odessa, you can literally feel its taste! At first you should go straight to the Privoz, where you can buy fresh seafood, communicate with colorful locals and have a good hearty laugh at a good joke. Evening Odessa will surprise you by variety of gourmet restaurants. Here are some of the best: Rokka, Ministerium, Bernardazzi, Granat, KlaraBara.

Zakarpattya is one of the most atmospheric and picturesque place in Ukraine. In each town there are a large number of kolybas with homemade dishes (borsch in bread, patties, dumplings, nalistniki). And for fans of delicious alcoholic beverages there is an alternative to try something new (mead, hrenovuha, moonshine and other local liqueurs), and all of them will be absolutely environmentally friendly.

Lviv attracts scores of tourists from all over the world only to visit the theme places. And candy hounds can try the delicious chocolate for every taste and to participate in its preparation. Restaurants that should be visited while visiting Lviv are: «Gasova Lampe», «Naydoroscha Restoratsіya», «Masoch-cafe», «Kriїvka» and «House of legends».

Gastronomic Concierge

Delicacies delivery from abroad

Do you want to pamper yourself or surprise your loved ones by exquisite international delicacies? The best European products and elite alcohol with home delivery today this is not a problem anymore. Prosciutto, Parma ham, Swiss chocolate and Italian cheeses, and exquisite French wine collection — all of these items can be on your table just in a few days after ordering. We are able to transform your ordinary dinner into a true celebration.

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