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Bodyguard in Kiev, Ukraine and WorldWide.
Bodyguard in Kiev, Ukraine and Worldwide

To order close protection and bodyguards in Kiev or in Ukraine, please contact us at any time convenient for you!

Our advantages:

1. Only qualified professionals.

Most of our bodyguards are former armed forces personnel of the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Interior with high experience in combat operations. All our bodyguards have special equipment, have good skills and have passed advanced individual training courses (martial art and quick firing).

2. Full set of services

At your disposal we hereby propose only high-qualified and experienced professionals and wide range of security services, as well as any kind of transport throughout Ukraine. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

3. Reasonable prices.

The low cost of our bodyguard and close protection services is by no means an indicative of low quality services and low benefit for our client. Our prices are reasonable and fair!

4. We save your time!

You can order executive protection and bodyguard in Kiev or throughout Ukraine at any time! Our company “Concierge Group” takes your orders around-the-clock; our close-knit shifts are always welcoming you. So you will be able to call us any time and to solve any of your problems.

5. Privacy and invisibility.

Concierge Group guarantees you high-level of absolute privacy and security. Our bodyguards don’t bother clients while those are working. They don’t loom before your eyes, but do their job imperceptibly. They watch people around them, analyze the situation and duly respond.

Bodyguard in Kiev and close protection throughout all Ukraine and WorldWide

Bodyguard in Kiev and personal protection across all Ukraine Price per 1 bodyguard
Bodyguard (up to 12 hours) 150 USD
Bodyguard (up to 24 hours) 250 USD
Bodyguard-driver + 50 USD
Private investigations and detective services Upon request
English speaking bodyguard + 50 USD
Urgent bodyguard team to escort for 2-3 hours From 200 USD
Armored and multipurpose vehicles rent Upon request
Long period bodyguard requests (from 1 month to 1 year work period) Upon request
Event, office, home, family guards etc. Upon request
Complex personal protection propositions (more than 5 days or more than one bodyguard) Up to 50% possible discount

Exchange rates in Ukraine

Easy to order!

The profession of the bodyguard is one of the most ancient professions in the world. It appeared in antique times and has been evolving through centuries. They were always close to famous people, politicians, actors, leaders of the countries.

Nowadays this profession is as relevant as ever. For some people to have a personal bodyguard is a fashion statement. For others this is one of their image components. And for the third ones it is a vital necessity. To order close protection and bodyguards in Kiev, Ukraine or WorldWide, please contact us at any time convenient for you!

There is one main rule for all our close protection staff and bodyguards — never interfere in client’s work. They don’t loom before your eyes, but do their job without appearing to do so. They watch people around them, examine, analyze the situation and duly respond.

We provide you with full range of bodyguard and security services in Kiev and throughout Ukraine, namely:

  • Bodyguard in Kiev, Ukraine and WorldWide;
  • Close protection for VIP-persons;
  • Drivers and bodyguards in Kiev;
  • VIP-person escort;
  • Website Security;
  • Private investigations and detective services;
  • Event, office, home, family guards etc;
  • Luxury cars and air transport;
  • Multi-purpose vehicles;
  • Armored vehicles.

Our company provides wide range of services for close protection in Kiev and in Ukraine. If you want to hold your negotiations beyond danger or to carry out business meetings, if you want to have a rest or to carry out any action safely, without worrying concerning safety of the participants, you are welcome to apply to Concierge Group. To order close protection and bodyguards in Kiev or in Ukraine, please contact us at any time convenient for you!

The service of the driver and bodyguard in Kiev comprises two positive assets together: safety and security arrangements and chauffeur service. All our bodyguards have passed special training courses; they are trained for martial art and quick firing. Entrusting our company, you will be under reliable protection; you will save your money seeing that we provide fairly priced services, and also, you will save not only your nerves, but something that preponderates over all others.

We suggest you to use such private service as escort during business meetings or parties. Wherever you are, we guarantee your complete safety. You relax and enjoy life — we protect you. At your request, our bodyguards will be close to you at all times — when you just walk around, travel for business or communicate with your business partners.

We propose you only high-experienced and professional bodyguards in Kiev and in Ukraine.

We will ensure your safety at the highest level. You will run only your business, without worrying about your personal safety in Kiev.

If you use services of our company, you will get professional bodyguards and excellent close protection services!


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