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Conflict manager
Conflict manager

Quarrels, bickerfest and all sorts of proceedings are the last things you should spend your time. Unfortunately, conflict situations often cannot be prevented in advance, and they catch you up at the most inopportune moment. If you are not an adherent of emotional disputes and you are frugal of your time and nervous system, please do not neglect the help of professionals.

Conflict manager is a man who can solve the most intense debate, steer conflict in the right direction and come to a mutually agreeable solution.

This profession is relatively recent, but from year to year its popularity is onwards and upwards. Conflict managers are people with nerves of steel, self-control and patience, and more than anyone else, they know how to restrain and regulate disputes by choosing the right behaviours. Surely, the conflict management process largely depends on the positions taken by the participants of the interaction, on their own interests, as well as on what he/she uses in order to prevent the extension of the conflict.

There are 5 basic strategies that can be used to resolve the conflict:

  • Competition is an aggressive stance, which is concentrated on demonstrating of own strength. Key markers of the behaviour are bluff and cunning;
  • Adaptation. According to this strategy, it is necessary to adapt to the interests of your opponent and to make concessions in every possible way. This model is suitable in situations when you compromise something small in the name of something greater;
  • Avoidance is a demonstration to your opponent misunderstanding of his/her conflicting intentions, thus showing that the problem is in him/her, and not in you;
  • Compromise. Understanding the structure and core of the conflict, the party agrees on a partial satisfaction of its desires and on the partial implementation of the desires of the other party. This method eliminates the conflict and largely saves time of both parties;
  • Cooperation is the most appropriate approach in order to solve the problem, to identify and to meet the interests of both parties, however, it requires from the parties time and ability to explain their desires, to express their needs, to listen to each other, and then to develop alternative solutions for the problem. That particular method is chosen by the experienced conflict managers;

Generally, an ordinary person, as contrasted with the conflict manager, selects a single model for conflict resolution, regardless of the reasons for the current dispute.

Oftentimes, this tactic leads to a tightening of the nervous situation and increases emotional stress. In order to avoid mistakes and make the best from the conflict, you are welcome to contact “Concierge Group” and we will be pleased to select for you a highly-skilled conflict manager, who will help you to settle all disputes in a professional manner.

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