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Sober driver in Kiev

Sober driver service in Kiev

  • book and order service «Driver in Kiev» or «Sober Driver»
  • price for sober driver services starts from 300 UAH;
  • special proposition — 99% serve inning.
Driver service in Kiev Price
«Driver» and «Sober Driver» (in Kiev) 300 UAH for the first hour, every next hour 250 UAH, driver`s back way includes
«Driver» and «Sober Driver» (outside the city, Kiev region) 300 UAH for the first hour, every next hour 250 UAH, sober driver`s back way doesn’t include

Exchange rates in Ukraine

The Concierge Group offers you service sober driver in Kiev and Kiev region. Nowadays it is a rather common phenomenon. A lot of car owners do not feel ashamed to use this service when they do not have an opportunity to drive by themselves or order a taxi but need to take the car. It is then when you can use our service and do not worry about yours and your vehicle safety – we employ only true professionals – our Kiev drivers with great driving experience in all vehicle categories.

The price for the services «Driver in Kiev» and «Sober Driver» calculates in the following way:

  • in Kiev

300 UAH per 1st hour driver`s service, if one hour is not enough, each other hour + 250 UAH, the back way of the sober driver is including to this price. 99% serve inning.

  • outside the city, Kiev region

300 UAH per 1st hour driver`s service, if one hour is not enough, each other hour + 250 UAH, the back way of the sober driver is not including to this price. The back way for the driver using taxi in Kiev region, customer pays it separately. 99% serve inning.

  • At the long period order (more than 3 hours)
Tariffs discussed with the customer individually, depending on the duration of the trip and the length of the route. Accommodation and meals for drivers during long-distance trips are additional payments for customer.
  • To book and order service «Driver in Kiev» and «Sober Driver» you can contact us 24 hours a day. Reservation is free.

What is a «Driver» and «Sober Driver»? These terms were first founded in 1920 in Scandinavia, and until the 1980s whole lists of various innovative programs for sober drivers were added to the legislation of this country. Let us formulate the definition for the combination of words «Driver in Kiev» and «Sober driver in Kiev» This is a driver who is responsible for the people who are travel and theirs car. Driver should always be sober, to deliver all people and the vehicle to the right places. It doesn’t matter have driver rested with a group of people or haven’t. Or he was employed as a freelancer. Driver should not drink an alcohol, because he should always have the possibility to drive. That’s why, for all of us, the sober driver is a man who abstains from an alcohol, because he have to help us to get to the home or elsewhere and he will not allow us to drive drunk. And this is the objective of driver service in Kiev.

Interesting, that some of public catering places give to the sober drivers some special discounts or other presents. One bad that in Ukraine that loyal marketing policy have not practiced yet.

Contact us when you will need  a sober driver in Kiev. We will take care of the rest.


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