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Business tourism | Congress tourism | MICE

Business tourism | Congress tourism | MICE

The range of services which are provided by Concierge Group, gives our clients the chance to concentrate on the direct duties and business tasks, to work successfully and effectively, without distracting on organizing questions and other problems arising by preparation for a trip, during the trip and after it.

The company Concierge Group in business tourism and congress tourism is on the top of leaders among the firms specializing on cost management and the organization of versatile business trips. It closely cooperates with representatives of the largest travel agencies, and has a great experience and also it is an expert in work with corporate clients.

Our mission

To optimize and inspire process of events organization, incentive trips, meetings. Quality execution of your tasks at the local, regional and global level!

Our corporate approach

To provide and work according to the partners’ needs of the company and clients, to control their changes. To correspond to inquiries level of consumers, applying high technologies and processes, raising the skill level of employees.

Our profile in congress and business tourism

The extensive infrastructure promotes expansion of company’s opportunities and allows carrying out additional functions. Concierge Group organizes not only MICE trips (transfer, hotel, tickets), and also provides consulting services concerning the tripartite transactions with suppliers, economy of resources, it makes the analysis of statistics of corporate trips, provides personal managers, gives free support 24/7.

Our value for business and congress business

Concierge Group is the company entering the top of leaders, which activity unite strategic decisions and the statistics analysis with flexibility of technologies for the purpose of providing good results for clients of all levels, the directions, taking into account specifics of their work in Ukraine and worldwide. The staff of the organization are high-class experts with versatile and deep understanding of the market which is supported by professional management. It promotes high level of service, with application of the latest approaches and the techniques.

The main tasks of the company is service on the comprehensive crash course organization and corporate trips and events for the Ukrainian and foreign clients.

  • trips on thematic exhibitions;
  • organization of seminars and profile conferences;
  • trip incentive;
  • health-improving, excursion beach and cruise, programs;
  • event tourism (group visit of spectacular and sporting events);
  • excursion, health-improving, cruise and beach programs.

Concierge Group renders services in the complex organization and logistics of trips to seminars and profile conferences:

  • meeting, maintenance, farewell;
  • placement in hotels of any class;
  • catering services (from the economy menu to high kitchen);
  • transport order (buses, cars, helicopters, airplanes);
  • rent of ferries, yachts, ships;
  • entertainment programs;
  • professional translation service and guides.

The list of management company services includes:

  • consultations, recommendations about the choice of the organized action place;
  • development of programs;
  • search of options for optimization of expenses;
  • planning of the budget corresponding to opportunities and wishes of the customer;
  • control and coordination of implementation of the order.

What is MICE? Here is necessary points in the congress and business tourism:

  • Meetings

During the conferences organization, visits of partners’ offices, business meetings, presentations, the staff of the company tries to create comfortable conditions in order to hold the actions successfully and at high level, irrespectivly of requirements – venues, number of the participants, the necessary equipment etc. Managers of Concierge Group will meet you and your partners (guests) and will take care of creation of the corresponding situation promoting productivity of negotiations and laying of the strong base of partnership in Ukraine and worldwide.

  • Incentive

Sometimes it is not enough only financial motivation, and the enterprises apply various methods of employees’ encouragement. Effective stimulators are pleasant memories and the positive emotions received on joint travel, they also promote formation of team-work skills. The company organizes incentive departures both for staff of the organizations, and for friends, business partners. Managers of Concierge Group will organize a trip which will become unforgettable for you and your guests and will lift on new level the image of your enterprise.

  • Conferences

Conferences and exhibition actions are the excellent reasons for expansion of the business contacts circle, acquisitions of clients and friends, and for opening of the new horizons for your business. The company will promote the participation in the best congresses and exhibitions in the sphere of your functioning, will provide the solution of registration questions, will organize carrying out process, business receptions and will render accompanying services like transportation, visa registration, transfer, accommodation.

  • Events

The successful termination of a season, introduction of new products or services, organization birthday are wonderful occasions to gather collective and spend time positively and cheerfully! To arrange interesting action it is rather troublesome and difficult process, and the employees of business and congress tourism department of Concierge Group will professionally execute it for you in Ukraine and worldwide. It doesn’t matter, either the client wants to order planning or the trip organization, a memorable corporate party or strategically prepared meeting and negotiations, – the qualified staff of congress and business tourism departments will offer you an extensive range of services.

Our MICE strengths are your success

Concierge Group carries out orders for trips and meetings for the organizations at local, regional and global level. Both large, and small enterprises generate huge volumes of information: place, registration, settling, transfer, communication, routes, food, etc. Our company team renders a full range of services, systematizing and consolidating information, achieving excellent results.

Such efficiency is reached thanks to the great global opportunities and long-term experience of activity in the tourist sphere, professionalism of the personnel.

Stages of order implementation:

  • Receiving of the application;
  • Specification and information analysis;
  • Processing of the recieved application;
  • Creation of the individual plan of the order implementation;
  • Registration of the offer and repeated check of the facts;
  • Sending the offer to the customer for an assessment and feedback expectation;
  • Work at the order (transfers, booking, additional services);
  • Registration of the package of documents for the customer;
  • Individual maintenance during travel;
  • Communication with the client post factum of the order implementation;
  • Providing the financial estimate to the customer.

Concierge Group is your reliable partner in the international congress and business tourism.


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