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Personal shoppers and stylists
Personal shoppers and stylists

Why are personal shoppers needed?

It is a profession which rose today in one row with same necessary professions as a makeup artist, a hairdresser, a fitness trainer. Many persons prefer services of a stylist, helping professionally to carry out shopping.

Concierge Group offers you the best personal shoppers and stylists all the leading capitals of fashion:

  • Milan (Italy)
  • Paris (France)
  • London (Great Britain)
  • Istanbul (Turkey)
  • Barcelona (Spain)
  • Frankfurt (Germany)
  • New York (USA)
  • Kiev (Ukraine)
  • Moscow (Russia)

If you have not found the right place in the lists, just let us know and we will find you the real professionals in the required place for you!

Easy to order!

Our proven partners and professional stylists and shoppers will always help you. We have access to over 100 shoppers in Ukraine and 500 worldwide!

In what case is the personal shopper and stylist necessary?

If you decided to carry out a shop tours on world famous sales, the help of the professional will be invaluable. The person for whom shopping is the profession, will help to endure a shop tours with essential economy of forces, time and means. As he knows what exactly you need to take, where and at what price. He is informed about novelties of fashionable tendencies, so, he won’t allow to be trapped upon purchase. This person is capable to develop a route which will save your forces and will be optimum.

If you need to change the image, or decided to arrange the clothes by a certain season, services of the stylist, joint shopping with the personal expert will rescue your image. Many professionals of this business are skilled designer image makers. Therefore even a shop tours around boutiques of the closest capital of the Homeland, are worth consulting to the knowing person.

If you are in difficulty when updating your clothes. The person, whose profession is shopping, will help you at all stages: from audit in a case and drawing up the list, to a choice of style, a campaign on shops and fittings.

Services of personal shoppers and stylists in Kiev and Ukraine, which we propose:

  • Specialist’s consultation

Consultation passes in a way of a little test. Within 3 days you receive personal presentation on style which consists of three main parts: optical correction of a figure, color analysis, clothes formation.

  • Shopping with a stylist

The shopper-stylist accompanies you around shops and gives consultation and help if needed.

  • The remote shopping

You order the list of desirable things. The shopper finds these things in shops and brings them to you to the convenient place for fitting. You buy things which you like and which are fitted. This package includes 3 deliveries. In case things didn’t suit you while fitting, only single delivery of 300 UAH is paid. You’ll save up to 90% of time!

  • Shopper in Kiev for a special occasion

Clothes selection to a special occasion (a secular reception, a presentation, a party, a celebration). The shopper guarantees expeditious realization.

  • Wardrobe revision

The package includes a consultation with you and your wardrobe revision. At this time, the shopper and stylist asks you questions that help him to make a list of things that you need to purchase. Another convenient service of this package is a personal style presentation.

  • Complete wardrobe with stylist and shopper

The shopper holds a consultation with you, does clothes audit, makes the list of future purchases. Shopping can be carried out both with you, and remotely, it means that things will be delivered to you for individual fittings. Fill your wardrobe with our professionals.

  • Shopper and stylist all the year subscriptions

Duration of the subscription is one, three or twelve months. Your personal shopper and stylist will do everything to personalize you, realize your wishes and style. Our specialists will do incredible and unique wardrobe for you and all this only as you will wish!

How did the shoppers and stylists appear?

Nobody could even think about such profession on the territory of the former Soviet Union. Living during an era of total deficiency when the majority of high-quality clothes was on sale illegally and on acquaintance, people either wore the those fashionable things, which they succeeded to get (it doesn’t mean either it fitted or not), or addressed to workshops of individual tailoring.

It was almost impossible to find clothes in the shop, which would emphasize the identity and create your personal style. During the era of blossoming of the clothes markets, a campaign for getting necessary things turned into exhausting wanderings among ware disorders. Many people, gathering for this tiresome shopping, took the partner with them, who could look from outside, and advise. Anyone could carry out this role – girlfriends, relatives, spouses.

Changes in such direction as shopping, began to happen with the emergence of big shops and the boutiques providing an avalanche of opportunities to create the style, to play with images depending on circumstances and mood.

Many shops came to a conclusion that services of the stylist, will help their clients to make a right choice and to come to them again. Undoubtedly, this service belongs to a luxury class.

We will realize your ideas in elegant way and with taste!


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