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Find out advantages to work with us and order congratulations or gifts delivery!

International flowers delivery and gifts delivery

Special offer: send flowers to a beautiful unknown girl from a social network

If you need to order urgent flowers delivery worldwide, you are on the right path! We will fulfill your order within the shortest possible time. At minimum time and cost, your flowers will be delivered to the addressee. Our company guarantees faultless fulfillment of the order! Each customer gets an individual approach, saving his/her time and getting positive impressions. You only need to order the delivery of composition to your girl, colleague or relatives, and timely delivery of gifts and fresh flowers is our primary duty.

Any celebration doesn’t go without flowers. Anniversary, birthday, the name day, wedding or any other holiday assumes delivery of gifts which usually go together with a bouquet. If you need to send a bouquet with a gift, without leaving your residence, the International flowers delivery is at your disposal!

Our guarantees for high-quality international delivery of gifts and flowers

We work through the holidays that allow our clients to send a beautiful bouquet at any time and to give pleasure to their friends, acquaintances or loved ones.

It is very important for Concierge Group staff and for florists of our flower salons to make you very happy with our work. You can be sure that each order will be executed by the professional florist and will be delivered to your addressee:

  • In a fresh and faultless state;
  • On the named day;
  • At the pre-agreed price.

In our work we use the best quality flower production. Nevertheless, if you have any claims you can contact us any time and all issues will be resolved.

Certainly, all the information, required to process your order, is strictly confidential and won’t be disclosed to any third party.

If you have any comments and suggestions, please contact us immediately!

What does set us apart from other companies?

  • We have ample international experience and a huge number of partners worldwide!
  • We guarantee fast and high-quality international flowers delivery;
  • We carry out any flowers delivery around Kiev and Ukraine without days off, this service is free of charge!

Only our company has such additional options for flower international delivery as:

  • In the mornings flowers delivery;
  • Overnight delivery of bouquets;
  • Delivery at a certain time (+/-15 minutes);
  • International flowers delivery to suburbs.

Basic rules of the international flowers delivery and gifts:

The name of the game in our work is to deliver your order to the recipient in time. Thus, the flowers must be fresh, and gifts shouldn’t lose their appearance. Quality of orders fulfillment and timely deliveries are provided with strict observance of rules.

Maximum possible term of implementation of your order is 3 hours against payment.

Orders are accepted 24 hours/ 7 days a week.

To make your order, please call our employee by phone or send us a message via e-mail.

We arrange and deliver your international orders on a pre-paid basis.

The cost of flowers and gifts delivery around the world:

Delivery to different cities has different cost. It depends on a number of factors: expanse of the city and road traffic (Beijing — 107 km. Canberra – 90 km. Mexico City – 200 km. Volgograd — 120 km. It may be complicated by dense transport movement). Delivery to the regional areas is sometimes possible only from nearby situated large city, since flower shops, based in a town of regional area, don’t allow to fulfill the order of appropriate quality and to provide reliable service. Purchasing power is low in these towns that keep goods turnover on a low level and, as a result, fresh flowers are supplied here not more frequently than once a week. Therefore, in order to guarantee quality and timely delivery, it is more convenient to arrange and deliver the order from a large city in which there are: our representative, wide range of fresh flowers and goods, an opportunity to carry out deliveries in due time. The cost of delivery depends just on remoteness. The average cost for international delivery of flowers and gifts in all cities varies from $20 to $80. If the cost is higher, it means that the order has been formed in other city and cost increase was due to delivery range.

International order of bouquets with further twenty-four-hour delivery to the addressee

Flowers delivery around the world is extraordinary convenient service, and if you use it — you will save your time. It is enough to choose one of bouquets and to tell or to write us your preferences. And we will deliver any of chosen bouquet to anywhere in the world! If you have any questions or doubts concerning right choice, you are welcome to be consulted by the phone with one of our experts at any time convenient for you!

It is not a secret that unexpected emotions are the most valuable. And women want to feel like women not only on March 8th. Indulge your darling, wherever she may be: order for your darling a beautiful bouquet with further delivery, kindly enclose a card with couple of gentle words «Love» or «You Are Dear to Me». And you will give her the same pleasure as for example, by presenting her a ring from «Tiffany». You must admit that flowers delivery worldwide is very convenient. We’re looking forward to receive your orders soon!

Special offer from our florists

Special offer: send flowers to a beautiful unknown girl from a social network

If you still can’t decide on a bouquet or if you want to order original composition according to your own wishes, just simply describe this to our employee, namely: what kind of bouquet do you want? Set of colors; sort of flowers and what your credit is good for? And our florists, using the above criteria, will make a composition of the required flowers and will deliver it to any place of the world.

It is widely thought that a good florist must be also a good psychologist. Sometimes the bouquet can tell about your feelings more than words. Correctly made composition will transfer all scale of your feelings. In order to better express all your emotions in a bouquet, please kindly provide our florist with maximum information about the addressee.

Please be sure that the staff of our floristic salon and our couriers will do all their best to deliver the bouquet and positive emotions.

Flowers are seasonal goods. This is why some flowers aren’t available sometimes. If at the moment some colors are not available, the salon reserves the right to replace goods with similar, without conceding on quality. For example, light-red roses may be replaced with red ones. You will be warned in advance in case of such replacement!

Failure to deliver internationally flowers and gifts

In some cases and due to circumstances beyond our control, the international delivery of flowers and gifts may not be carried out, namely:

  • The addressee refused to accept a gift;
  • The order was cancelled after it has been received for processing;
  • The address of the recipient was specified incorrectly in the application form;
  • The recipient is absent (has left the city, moved, etc.).

In this case the sum, paid by the client, is non-refundable. Upon customers request the flowers can be delivered to other address, but please be kindly noted that additional expenses are due to be paid by the client.

Specifics of the international flowers and gifts delivery

Opportunities to fulfill flowers delivery around the world on day off or on holiday are defined by the legislation or by traditional sensitivities of each country. Usually, in Europe and in America they don’t make a delivery on days off. It is forbidden by the labor code. The day off in Israel is Saturday, in the Muslim countries it is Friday, etc. If the order falls on day off or on national holiday, the delivery time, generally, is automatically shifted on the first upcoming working day.

Different countries have various approaches and features to the delivery procedure of flowers and gifts. In some countries the delivery is carried out without time specifying. In some countries it is obligatory to fix the time of delivery. In some cities the delivery is arranged exclusively by the employees of the flower shop; somewhere they use specialized courier services and they make a delivery directly to the address, specified in the order. To make your order be delivered in due time, we kindly ask you to specify in the most attentive and detailed way the address of the recipient (including postal index) and his/her contact phone number.

Due to the fact that different countries have different operating systems, Cyrillic symbols may be not always reproduced. In this regard, the text on a greeting card, if any, will be translated into language of the country for delivery or will be written in Latin.

If you make an order for a bouquet with the fixed quantity of flowers, please kindly remember that in many countries there is a tradition to give even quantity, usually multiple to dozen. Consequently, it must be half-dozen (6), dozen (12), two dozen (24), etc.

In some cases it is impossible to make a delivery in exact fixed time. It could happen due to some specific rules and regulations of European and American labor codes.

Nevertheless, despite a number of restrictions, we always do everything possible to consider all your wishes concerning time of delivery and order registration. In most cases if there is any possibility whatever, we resolve an issue on a case-by-case basis and we ask our representatives to carry out orders by taking into account all wishes of the customer.

Roses are the most popular among other flowers because it’s possible to create an exquisite colour scheme. But please don’t forget that in service of international flowers delivery there are a lot of nuances which depend on specifics of each separate country. Our experts will suggest you everything with pleasure! Since ancient times roses belong to flowers which play very important role in situations when it is necessary to express the feelings, and each shade symbolizes certain emotions. Claret roses express beauty of the owner of a bouquet. Yellow roses symbolize separation and infidelity; they can’t be presented to your love one. Only a friend or a colleague can be presented with such roses.

Roses of pink shades are the sign of constancy and sensibility, sign of thanks and appreciation. Generally, all light shades express attraction or new feelings which have just flashed, as start in regulations. Peach color roses express warmth, harmony, gratitude, greeting, symbolize modesty, can be presented as a sign of successful completion of deals.

The button roses symbolize innocence and purity of the girl who received these flowers. If one flower is presented, it expresses love. Dozen of red color roses are considered to be a sign of strong attachment, passion, love. Being presented to a man, they symbolize respect to his bravery and admiration. White roses, in contrary to red, do not tell you about passion, but tell you about pure and transparent feelings, white and strong as snow. They’re most often presented in such occasions as a wedding. Combination of red and white is a unity sign in the relations. Three or seven flowers in a bouquet are considered to be happy numbers. The most important thing is not to buy a bouquet, it is more important to decorate it properly, to decide on quantity of flowers and color scale. Our florists are always ready to rescue you! Our international delivery of flowers is always accurate and it is always in time. Let us know all your wishes and kindly leave the rest for professionals!

Flowers of orange color express respect and pride for the individual; they’re presented to friends or relatives for their achievements. Also they express new feelings, enthusiasm, and absence of oblivion. Roses of violet shades, as well as red, are presented as a sign of love. They symbolize love or attraction, charm and constancy. The same emotions are expressed by presenting lavender roses. Such flowers will be perfect gift for the St. Valentine’s Day.


Special offers for “Concierge Group Club Members”

Attention! Club members of Concierge Group may enjoy special discounts and offers within various campaigns. You will get our gift vouchers and also special offers from our partners.

You are welcome to join our Club right now!


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