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Euro car rental in Kiev
Euro car rental in Kiev

Unique offer from Concierge Group: premium car rental in Kiev

Premium car rental in Kiev Type of vehicle Detailed description of a rental car Rental price per 24 hours
Mercedes-Benz E-class W212 Kiev rent 2011 release, Avangard version , color — black, interior — leather, TOP package, rear monitors, heated seats, four-zone climate control. from 150 EUR
Mercedes-Benz E-class W213 Kiev rent 2016 release, Avangard version , color — black, interior — leather, TOP package, rear monitors, heated seats, four-zone climate control. from 250 EUR
Mercedes-Benz S-class W221 Kiev rent 2011 release, the president package, color — black, interior — leather, exclusive Passione, rear monitors, curtains, heated seats, four-zone climate control. from 250 EUR
Mercedes-Benz S-class W222 Kiev rent 2016 release, an exclusive package, color — black, interior — leather, exclusive Passione, full adjustment rear seats, TV, DVD, curtains, heated seats, four-zone climate control. from 500 EUR

Exchange rates

Easy to order!

What is necessary to hire our cars:

  • Passport;
  • Driver’s license;
  • Up to 25 years;
  • Driving experience must be at least 5 years;
  • It is necessary to have available credit card Visa or Eurocard/MasterCard.

Except for hire cost you have to pay a deposit which size depends on the group of the rented car. At hire registration the sum of the deposit will be blocked on your credit card. We draw your attention that money for the deposit isn’t charged from the card. After return of the car the deposit will be unblocked.

Attention! The card holder surely has to be present when receiving the car and has to have the passport!

Euro car rental in Kiev is the transfer of the vehicle for temporary use not including the service of a driver. Rental period can vary from hours to months, in rare cases up to several years. Renting a car can be conducted by different offices at different conditions. Common requirements for such a car rental are: the tenant should be of certain age (21-25 years), the driving experience should be a year or more, the tenant must have an international driver’s license of international sample. Various restrictions are also included in a lease agreement, such as daily mileage (excess quantity of kilometers shall be paid) or territory (in regional companies the territory is usually limited to one particular region). Guarantor of the implementation of the restrictions is a pledge, collected from the tenant. The size of this bail depends on the car. The tenant can be fined in case the car is damaged or unwashed.

For the convenience of euro cars rental the Association of Car Rental Industry Systems Standards was founded. The need for such organization arose from the impossibility of making all the cars available in large rental companies in their price lists, because in such companies there are thousands of cars that are constantly moving between small stations. This organization has developed a SSIP code system that defines the class and the equipment for each car. These codes provided by the organization denote the class of the car, not the brand. In Ukraine, the large share of the market belongs to local and regional companies, that’s why the standardization system almost isn’t used at all.

Euro Car rental in Kiev is carried out by means of the companies with a large database of European cars. For a reasonable price you will get a rental car for a desired period of time with a possibility of travelling all over Ukraine. If car rental means getting several vehicles or you need a rental car for a long period of time you will get various discounts from our partners. Deductions depend on the number of vehicles and the time of their operation. Car rental in Kiev supplies additional services, provided by our partners. Among them is 24 hour support in case of having problems with the car. In the event of unforeseen incidents we guarantee to take you and your car to a specified location. Moreover, euro car rental provides comprehensive insurance policy, the cost of which is already included in the total fee.


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