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Dog walking kiev and suburbs

Dog walking in Kiev and suburbs

Work involving all hands? There is absolutely no time for care about your pets? You’re going to holiday? There is nobody to leave the pet with? Then you need to address to us! We suggest you to order such service, as dog walking! Both as single service, and on a constant basis.

Having ordered dog walking in Kiev or area, you may not worry that your domestic pet will feel need, staying at home and desperately waiting for you while you’re at work. Such service becomes more and more actual as employment of capital inhabitants, and also time spent at work, meetings, trips — takes away the lion’s share not only of your free time, but also days in particular. And to get a dog means to assume responsibility for it. It isn’t only to feeding and patting, but also walking in time, training, finding time for it. Besides, different breeds demand a completely different approach in education and care. For this reason, rather often, especially dogs of big breeds require expert consultation or services (coaches and etc.).

Having ordered such service as dog walking, you can agree upon that it will be not a simple walk, but also developing games, learning of teams, training and other services too. It is important to consider that in such service as dog walking price depends on breed, sizes of an animal, and also duration and walking type. E.g. walk with a small «pocket» doggie and a big dog of combative breed or group walking (2-3 animals) is not the same. Little ones, so popular nowadays, can be walked several times a day, without any features. But dog walking in Kiev which breeds are considered to be potentially dangerous, requires special control and supervision over an animal, elements of training or organization of full training process, and for this purpose in the capital there isn’t a lot of places. Besides, to be charged both for walking, and training of an animal, there must be a person with special education, the one who knows how to find approach to any animal (they of them have their own character after all).

The people keeping animals in their houses, know perfectly well that «one must be responsible for those who’s been tamed». Pets not simply brighten the owners’ life up, they literally become family members. Naturally, every animal needs appropriate care and keeping to schedule of meal, bathing, paddock, trainings, sleep etc. And each loving owner provides these natural benefits, thereby showing the care and providing comfortable living conditions to the pet.

However there are situations when there is nobody to leave an animal, e.g. for the period of visiting relatives, for the period of holiday or in case of urgent business trip. Some people have a busy working schedule, and the help with care of an animal is simply necessary for them. If one may ask neighbors to feed a hamster, but it is impossible to leave a dog without appropriate care and supervision. In such cases people address to the help of such people as me – to dogs’ paddocker.

People keeping canine friends perfectly know that these animals need special care – with keeping to the schedule of walks, feeding and other procedures. It is especially important that person, who’ll take care of your dog, must have appropriate experience of dogs’ care and must be in sympathized with this animals.

We will take your dog for a walk during your absence, we will accompany it on training, we will keep to a diet, we will wash up your paws, we will give it a bath. Leaving your pet on Concierge Group care, you can be absolutely undisturbed for it. We have a wide experience of supervision for dogs of various breeds, with adoration we treat these lovely animals. Besides, it is possible to address to us if it is necessary for you: to look after cats and to feed them in time, to feed birdies or small fish, to water flowers in your absence. We guaranty you full decency.

If you need a dog walking in Kiev – make out the order by means of Concierge Group, on a site or on our phone number. With our experts, you can be calm, your pets will be in reliable hands!


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