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IT Recruitment

IT Recruitment: How to choose the right specialist?

IT Recruitment

Selection of IT-specialists is one of the most difficult areas of recruitment. And one must have plenty of patience in order to select the right candidate.

It has been said in many HR-agencies that the recruitment specialist and people from the sphere of IT-technologies speak different languages, and it is rather difficult for them to understand each other. Oftentimes it is true and it is difficult for the young, inexperienced HR-specialists to set a right task to the employee in the field of IT-technologies, to understand the special slang of programmers and to enter into all areas of his work process. That is why the first thing due to be done when choosing IT-specialist is to turn to an experienced HR-Manager. Specialists of “Concierge Group” Company will be happy to help you in this matter. This is because the people who work with us are true professionals with a wealth of experience in their field, who take full responsibility for their work and try to fulfill the client’s request as quickly as possible.

Another important detail, that needs to be taken into account during an interview with IT-developer, is his externally closed nature. By virtue of their education and activities, the programmers can hardly be classified as a sociable people. That is why many highly skilled workers are screened out after the first stage of the interview. “Concierge Group” Experts try to use non-standard approaches during the interview, try to be of interest to the opponent and to question him as closely as possible about his achievements and previous work experience.

It is also important to understand that today the profession of IT-specialist is incredibly in-demand. In fact, this is one of the most popular specialties. In addition, the programmers very rarely make job search themselves. Aside from that, IT-specialists prefer to communicate and to look for a job at the specialized resources through the internet, or to obtain employment on the recommendation of acquaintances. HR-managers of the company “Concierge Group” visit every single day specialized IT-resources, thereby expanding backup database of candidates.

To find a suitable IT-specialist is not an easy task and the help of professional HR-manager is vital to you. “Concierge Group” Company is already involved for many years in the field of IT-Recruiting, we are better and faster than the others in the search for the right candidate, who will definitely help your company to strive to succeed!

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