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Strip clubs of  Kiev

Strip clubs of Kiev

Do you think you are a real expert in beauty of a female body? Do you think it is impossible to surprise you?  Kiev strip clubs – a way to discover completely new and unusual horizons. It is a pleasant and erotic place where you can have the opportunity to relax and feel how your perception of the world is changing. Your most secret dreams will come true in strip clubs of Kiev. Do you want to understand why Ukrainian women are the most beautiful girls in the world? If it is so, we want to offer you an entertainment where you will be able to see a lot and enjoy it.

Best strip clubs in Kiev:

«Paradise» cabaret
  • Address: 7/29 Taras Shevchenko boulevard, Kiev, Ukraine
  • Hours: 20.00 — 06.00
More information about the strip club
Night boutique B.Lounge club
  • Address: 1 Venice Island, Kiev, Ukraine
  • Hours: 21.00 — 05.00
More information about the strip club

Striptease is an erotic dance, in which the performer gradually undresses. Striptease is popular in strip clubs, where we can enjoy it. The most classic element of striptease is called pole. A stripper dances and undresses around the pole. Moreover, the dancer has the possibility to leave the stage going to the special individual room and sit down on visitors’ knees. There is an old rule according to which visitors can not touch the stripper by their hands, but the stripper is absolutely allowed to touch all the customers. Degree of a stripper’s undressing is determined by local and central authorities in the respective laws. Sometimes visitors can order a service called «lap dance» in which a naked or topless dancer performs an erotic dance either in immediate contact with a seated patron, or within a very short distance in a separate room (during the process security is hiddenly watching). Usually, for such a service visitor has to pay an additional amount of money. Striptease can be organized for different holidays like private parties, restaurants and all kinds of shows, where women and men, who work as strippers, invited. Usually, the duration of the entertainment program varies from 20 to 40 minutes. In addition, stripping can be permanent — it is used in special clubs where dancers work all night with short intervals (10 to 20 minutes). Most of such establishments are designed for men, thus only girls dance there. However, there are strip clubs specially for women, where muscular boys strip dance. What is more, some of these clubs are created specially for gays, where staff and visitors are only men.

Concierge Group will be glad to offer you strip clubs with the most interesting programs and the most talented dancers, who will leave unforgettable impressions. You will be suggested the best strip clubs of Kiev with exquisite show programs, great menu cards, different sophisticated drinks and elite cigar assortments. People who enjoy refined pastime and women’s beauty will estimate the opportunities which are coming with our service. Concierge Group will do its best to assist you in having a stunning time — we will help you to find the best strip club in Kiev, will tell you how to get there and will book you the best table.


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