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Pirogovo Museum
Pirogovo Museum tours
  • one of the most popular outdoor museums that occupies more than 150 hectares;
  • walking and horse-drawn carriage excursions and other festive events in Pirogovo Museum;
  • we glad to provide you with quality and full ranged services. We value your free time. The price list is in the middle of the page.

Museum of Folk Architecture and Life Pirogovo is recently becoming more and more popular not only among the Ukrainians, but also among tourists from any corner of the world. Pirogovo is unique in his own way – it is the first open-air conservancy area which has a collection not only of the edifices and objects of everyday activity of the nation, but also several areas of Ukraine concentrated on the one territory.

Visiting the village of Pirogovo on the outskirts of Kiev you can go to the conservancy area on your own or take an excursion during which you will be told about each exhibit item as well as, rites and the history of the people of that time. Sightseeing excursion is thoroughly planned. As a standard, its duration is 4 hours, but you can choose the duration of the tour on your own — from one to three hours, depending on your mood and plans for the day. Tours for foreign visitors are conducted in Ukrainian, Russian, German and English. Other languages are ​​on the request.

Tours to the Pirogovo museum Price
Excursions to Pyrogovo museum for groups in Ukrainian, Russian, German and English Upon request

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Duration of the excursions are 4 hours including the way to Pirogovo Museum and the back way. Entrance fee to visit the museum is not included in to the prices of excursions. If you order excursions in Concierge Group you will get incredible discounts on the cost of entry to Pirohovo museum! Tours for visitors are conducted in Ukrainian, Russian, German and English. Other languages are ​​on the request. To organize it we usually need more time, the price can vary from fixed one. We propose walking or horse-drawn carriage excursions. We provide full range of services. If you want to make an event in Pirogovo Museum or to book a table in its restaurant, please contact us.

We propose you to add to the tour in museum Pirogovo as an extra:

  • Tours in Pirogovo museum on the horse drawn cart, wagon or sleigh;
  • permission for professional photo and video filming;
  • fire show and spectacular performances of the national folklore groups;
  • professional catering, drinks and restaurants.

During the tour you will not just get to know the Ukrainian’s village architecture of 17-20 centuries, but also will have an opportunity to visit functional churches and temples which still hold worship and memorial services. The most romantic couples are offered to conduct a wedding ceremony in one of the museum’s churches in Pirogovo. Believe us, such a marriage will tie the knot for the whole life.

Pirogovo museum tickets price

  • for adults — 30 UAH.
  • for pupils 10 to 17 years (granting pupil’s ID) — 15 UAH.

Museum ticket office is open from 10:00 to 17:00. Moreover, you can purchase tickets to Pirogovo museum in our company 24 hours a day with a special rates and discounts. Contact us!

Tickets price is not include in to the price of excursion around the Pirogovo museum. Photo and video at the museum is not included, you will have to pay for it separately. Please note that the territory of museum Pirogovo is more than 150 hectares, and to enjoy its beauties, we offer you walking tour or one by horse-drawn carriage.

Excursions and tours around the Museum of Folk Architecture and Life Pirogovo

Ukraine is a wide and astonishingly diverse country. One year may not be enough to discover it. Nevertheless, guests coming here for a couple of days can get a good idea of history and nature, rites of so various regions of Ukraine. To do this just visit Museum of Folk Architecture and life, situated in the village of Pirogovo not far from Kiev.

There are number of places of interest of such a kind in Ukraine: Rovno, in Lvov, Uzhgorod. Pereyaslav-Khmelnytskiy. However, Pirogovo Museum is the biggest in Ukraine and the whole Eastern Europe. More than 320 various folk edifices brought here from 25 regions of Ukraine are situated on 150 hectares area. Every exhibit item is unsurpassed, many of them are more than 300 years old! Edifices of such venerable aged demands appropriate care, they would have destroyed on their original places long ago. However, they are alive and well in the conservancy area. There is very special space for every exhibit item –a piece of landscape in which the construction was before the move. It turns out that Pirogovo conservancy area is in addition a marvelous landscaped park with groves and meadows, ravines and hills, fields and ponds. Cherry orchards of Poltava replace fir forests of Transcarpathia, shadow moors of Polesia are found side by side with flowering fields of Podolia. It seems that not only churches and huts, smithy and mills, wells and apiaries have been moved here but along with them lullabies, folk tales, half-forgotten gods and ancient legends have come.

Walking from one edifice to another, one cannot but is wondered by their variety. White huts with thatched roofs are replaced by dark blue ones, stone houses are found side by side with ones having golden framing. And each house is unsurpassed. Rolling mills are peerless as well. In the XVIII century they can be seen on the banks of mountain or plain rivers. Places unsuitable for water mills were constructed with wind mills. Pirogovo is teemed with them! Don’t forget to pay respect to wooden temples. The museum has five of them, and each is functional. Each church is more than two hundred years old. One cannot believe that any of the sketches were used during their erection. The only tool used was an ax.

Pirogovo Museum is a common place for all folk holidays and festivals celebration: Christmas and Malanka (Generous Eve), Maslenitsa (Cheesefare Week), Kupala Night,The Savior of the Apple Feast Day and Autumn Fair. Here one can listen to Ukrainian songs, ride a horse or take a carriage ride. One can observe potters, embroiderers, weavers, blacksmiths working – and then purchase their hand-made craft items. Among all this variety one can find a tavern. That’s why after continued exciting walk one can taste Ukrainian cuisine and traditional national vodka.

To sum up, Pirogovo is an amazing place .It is very lively and always different. Blooming orchards, fruits becoming ripe in the gardens, goats grazing, foals gamboling on the green meadows. One can breathe in the smell of something delicious being cooked in the inn. Summer will follow spring; winter will follow autumn- landscapes are changing though the beauty of the open-air conservancy area is left unchanged.

Places to eat in Pirogovo conservancy area

There are cafes and restaurants on the territory of Pirogovo museum which you can visit after the excursion. There you can taste the dishes of Ukrainian cuisine which is famous for its Ukrainian borsch and stuffed dumplings.

Bud’mo restaurant is one of the most popular restaurants of Ukrainian cuisine on the territory of Pirogovo museum. Average bill per person ranges from 10 to $ 30. You may eat plenty of typical Ukrainian dishes for this amount of money. However, if you don’t like national cuisine you may order dishes of European one.

You will make the perfect choice if decide to visit Kulishna café designed in the style of the museum itself. Café’s interior is done in the style of the nineteenth-century tavern with wooden chairs and tables and vyshyvanka on the windows. Here you can find dishes of Ukrainian national cuisine of different regions. The prices are much lower compared to restaurants, nevertheless you will experience unforgettable pleasure.

What is more, there are two more restaurants of Ukrainian national cuisine on the territory of Pirogovo museum: «Shynok» and «Yarivtsy.» If you are planning to go to Pirogovo not only once, it is strongly recommended that you visit each cafe and form your own opinion about them. Pirogovo museum works

from 10:00 to 18:00. Wednesday is off day. Huts are closed at 18.00 p.m. but you can walk on the museum’s territory till 21:30 p.m.

How to get to Pirogovo Museum

Museum of Folk Architecture and Life is situated on the outskirts of Kiev, in the village of the same name Pirogovo.

It won’t be very difficult to get to the museum by car — the route should be planned from Odessa square or across Stolichne shosse in the direction of Zabolotnogo Str. and in 2 minute drive from the turn of the road you will find the most interesting and original Museum of Ukraine. Three magnificent wooden mills will meet you at the entrance. Note that Pirogovo occupies the area of more than 150 hectares yet you can walk their on foot or pay money to local entrepreneurs for riding in a horse drawn road cart.

You can also get to Pirogovo conservancy area by public transport

  • from metro station “Lybidskaya” — Trolleybus # 11
  • from the Besarabsky Market — Shuttle bus # 156
  • from Leningrad Sq., metro station “Druzhby Narodov”- Shuttle bus # 172
  • from metro station “Akademgorodok” — Shuttle bus # 576
  • from metro station “Lukyanovskaya” — Shuttle bus # 496

Save your time, and leave the whole organization to the professionals of Concierge Group.


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