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Excursions to Chernobyl
Excursions to Chernobyl and Pripyat

There is a lot of excursion tours, and quantity of suggestions of visiting different kinds of cultural institutions, monuments of architecture, historically important and significant places. All this occurs because the modern inhabitants of big cities and not only, value their time very much, and prefer to carry out their rest with interest and favor.

Exclusive tours to Chernobyl and Pripyat

Excursions to Chernobyl and Pripyat Price for 1 person
One-day planned group excursion to Chernobyl and Pripyat from 95 USD
Two-day planned group excursion to Chernobyl and Pripyat from 295 USD
Individual excursion to Chernobyl and Pripyat (1-50 people) from 85 USD
Cruise on the ship to Chernobyl and Pripyat from 550 USD
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Our company offers a set of excursion tours around Kiev and region, these are military tours, visiting of the museums, shopping tours, walking and bus sightseeing tours. Also we suggest to visit places of interest outside the city, e.g. tour to Pirogovo or excursion to Chernobyl.

Who may like the excursion to Chernobyl?

Excursion to Chernobyl which cost is rather insignificant, it is an opportunity to see with your own eyes a consequences of the greatest historical tragedy, not only for Ukraine, but also for all the world. After all the day of April 26, 1986 is one of the most important, though tragic, in a world history. Visit of Chernobyl will allow you to see how the city changed after the catastrophe, to consider what could be the city if the tragedy hadn’t happened and to understand what a terrible consequences occured for many families who left their homes.

After all the city of Chernobyl the excursion to which are made during some last years, was the prospering settlement which at an instant moment turned into an exclusion zone. Many people are frightened by one mentioning of an event, but moreover (every year this quantity increases) curious people who wish to see the consequences personally, and to compare the seen with the heard or the read in newspapers or textbooks. It is an abandoned city, an empty city, but it is also rich with its history, technical objects, the nature which is really worth looking at!

How the excursion to Chernobyl takes place and how much is it safe?

The excursion is made to Chernobyl from Kiev and other cities, having ordered such service on our site you can not worry about organizational issues as we’ll take care about everything for you. About the safety of the «the closed zone» visit, and also whether it will do much harm to you or not, long-term practice of carrying out such excursions to Chernobyl you may not worry. They aren’t forbidden by the law, all those people who take part in the excursion, undergo examination after it, on existence of harmful effects, and for all practice of carrying out such excursions to Chernobyl there have been any cases yet.

The time of the excursion, the organization, and also the cost of the excursion to Chernobyl you should specify at us, by e-mail or by phone.


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