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The present time dictates new rules! We understand that time is coming and unresolved problems are remaining. Life does not stand still and important juridic issues need to be solved immediately. In order to avoid negative economic consequences, we work distance for you 24/7. You can receive advice from professional lawyers online at any time suitable for you.

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Our Online Lawyers are outstanding professionals. You can be confident that by applying to us for help, you will receive 100% quality legal support. All our specialists have extensive legal experience. We appreciate our reputation and rely on the great practical experience of our Online Lawyers! We guarantee the quality of provided legal services.


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Any legal problem will be solved by the Online Lawyer, whose advice will successfully fit into your daily schedule. In a calm atmosphere, without rushing at home or anywhere in the world, you can always get a comprehensive online consultation.

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No matter how many advisors you have, it is better to have an additional and independent opinion on a specific issue. Our Online Lawyers are impartial individuals, so you can always ask for advice and get an independent opinion of our specialists.
  • Small, medium-sized businesses and the private sector.
  • Quarantine and force majeure, how to do the right thing.
  • Rent, staff salaries and leave, what to do.
  • Accrual of UST and reporting on time
  • Legal correspondence and preparation for court sessions
  • Any other legal support for your interests
The way we work
Describe your problem in detail so that the Online Lawyer can prepare for it.
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The cost of providing qualified service and consultation Online Lawyer is 500 UAH per 1 hour.


Online Lawyer in Kiev and Ukraine

The most advanced online solution of legal issues and expert consultations with Online layer
Media, internet, telecommunications are technically complicated areas in which the law is often mentioned without quick changing details and facts. Our lawyers have extensive experience in interpreting law from a technical viewpoint and are used to providing practical recommendations online.

Online Lawyer always chooses the best approach in Ukraine
Online layer provides clients immediate legal consultation, various documents and legal solutions. We are flexible, creative, and actively think together with the client. Our lawyers specialize in different areas of law. People with extensive experience in handling similar issues will work on your case. Online lawyer himself leads the project, chooses the strategy, communicates with clients, writes procedural and other legal documents.

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Our lawyers have organized a new online service format for you, providing a high level of service for reasonable money. Online lawyers are responsible for the tasks set, for us the result is important. We have extensive experience in the trust of clients as online practice shows that our specialists are not interested in the potential personal benefit. We will provide You a full range of legal services online in all areas of law with 100% guarantee for You:

Types of legal services from Online Lawyer

For legal entities For individuals
Arbitration and judicial controversies Judicial controversies
Tax controversy Debt recovery
Winding-up and bankruptcy Disputes on MTPL and CASCO
Corporate dispute Family dispute
Appeal of decisions on the tender process Division of property
Corporate services Housing disputes
Disputes under government contracts Workforce disputes
Corporate governance disputes Protection of consumer’s rights

Why do clients consult an Online Lawyer?

  • Over 15 years of experience in various fields of law
  • Over 5,000 successfully resolved legal issues
  • 100% guarantee of your information privacy
  • Over 1 billion UAH won in court

5 fundamental differences Online lawyer from other Law firms

90% of the law firms Online lawyer
Loud promises to get a client, and then there may be a refusal or loss. We don’t promise the impossible, and we work with situations where others refuse
Overpriced, the client does not know the real cost of legal services. Fair value of services
Beginner staff to reduce salary costs Online lawyers with over 15 years of experience
Lack of practice in legal disputes We have a lot of clients who we have provided legal assistance online, we have grateful letters, reviews, cases.
absolutely tenacious on the customer when they can’t even help professionally. In the past 15 years, we’ve built up a reputation that we care about, that’s important to us.