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Taxi commuter jet

Air taxi (or commuter jet) is a service which is growing in popularity in Ukraine every single year. This mode of transport is justly considered to be the most secure, confidential and fast kind of travelling. As at any and every taxi service, the Client can choose among several types of transport, which may vary with flight duration, number of people and areas.

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Helicopter Flight

Helicopter is the most common air taxi type. It gives you great latitude in your unrestricted mobility, indeed, there is no need to look for a specially equipped helideck for landing, and only what you need is sufficiently flat terrain with no trees or other visible obstacles. This type of transport is good and suitable for short-distance flights, where average unrefueled flying range is 600 km, and the speed is 200 km/h.

Light screw-propelled planes represent the next air taxi type. They are mainly used for flights within the country, can attain the speed up to 300 km/h and from 1 to 4 passengers can be placed on its board. The main advantages, as compared with the helicopter, are lower costs and simultaneously with this — long-range capabilities — up to 900 km without refueling.

Another type is represented by Jets (jet planes) which are used for long-distance flights, mostly outside the country. Their unrefueled range gains up to 10 000 km, and the speed is 500-800 km/h. The minimum numbers of passengers are 6 persons, who may take with them on top of that up to 300 kg of luggage.


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