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Origin of Concierge Service

Almost a thousand years ago, the concierge fulfilled the most important function – he twinkled of his master. Today, in the era of information technology, there are entire services which can open any door.

The word concierge derives from the French “Comte Des Cierges”, which means «candles holder». Initially, the representatives of this profession were assigned for a modest role – to maintain heat and light in the house, but pretty soon other duties have been added to these functions. This occupation was gaining popularity, and a few years later no one aristocratic house could imagine itself without a concierge, who performed all kinds of quirks of the tenants.

Iconic country for concierges was France; it was here in 1929 when eleven concierges of the leading hotels of Paris have gathered in order to organize the first professional community. Its aim was simple — to share experiences and improve their skills. Since such famous hotels like Hilton, Marriott, Ritz and Aldemar pay great attention to concierge service and consider it to be one of the most important.

Special services, aimed to perform any and all possible requests of the clients, became the next stage of development of the concierge service. This idea has been realized in 2000 by Briton Ben Ellington. As of today, the concierge services exist in almost all countries of the world, and their capabilities are virtually limitless. Modern concierges will easily be able to issue an exclusive credit card of any international payment system, to book a table at the Eiffel Tower, to organize a transfer to Wimbledon, pre-ordering the best tickets for you for the tennis tournament.

In our country this service is gaining its popularity. “Concierge Group” is one of the most successful Ukrainian companies in this segment. Since 2011, the service operates successfully throughout Ukraine and far beyond its borders. The company registers more than 1000 successful projects and satisfied customers, as well as cooperation with very well-known international brands.


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