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Be extremely careful!

Dear tourists and visitors, be extremely careful!

We are glad that you have visited our web page. We hope that this information will be helpful for you. First of all we want to tell you that our country as any other one has its own unwritten rules which citizens know and adhere to. These rules have been created through many years, they help to secure ourselves. We are going to tell you about them. To start with, it should be mentioned that Ukrainians usually are very honest, kind, hospitable to tourists and are always eager to help them in case of necessity. However, it does not mean that you should be careless.

  • Exchange your money only in banks and fixed exchange offices, presenting your passport or other identification document. Do not forget your receipt and count your money before walking away from the cash register.

If you don’t want to be cheated do not exchange your foreign currency at private money changers and in any case in trains. They can easily shortchange or exchange money at unfavourable rate and disappear without a trace in one second.

  • If you have become a witness or victim of any crime, immediately contact the police by dialing number 102!

We advise you not to follow the pilferer and try to pick up your phone! It can result in negative consequences for you. Prevent a theft from the very beginning, do not give your items to strangers! Do not hesitate to call for help, keep in mind that most people in Ukraine are kind and eager to help.

Do not allow passers-by to call from your mobile phone. A great amount of cell phones have been stolen in such a way. For example, 2 guys come up to you, one asks to give him your mobile phone to call and meanwhile the second distracts you. In a moment the man with the phone disappears. The second will say that he sees the thief for the first time and just wanted to help or will skillfully run away.

  • Keep in mind that smoking in not specifically designated areas is an administrative violation which involves a fine ranging from 51 to 170 hryvnia.

According to the corresponding law signed by the President of Ukraine on May 24, 2012, smoking is prohibited in all public places (including restaurants, payphones, elevators, children and sports grounds, bus stops and inside public and international transport, stadiums, underground passages and houses’ porches). Smoking areas in public places are being designed. However, in order to create them many organizations have to face more rigid requirements and restrictions.


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